img_9513There are so many things left unwritten.

There is so much I haven’t said,

So many emotions neglected,

The time has come to clear my head.

I cry looking at these photos..

Because I remember wishing I was dead, laying in bed hurting

Sobbing and asking God why.

I begged to know why he would desert me…

I questioned if he heard my cries


But I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

I guess I didn’t really want to die,

I really just wanted the hurt to subside.

Looking back, I have come to realize

That without the suffering I wouldn’t be alive.






I share my story without fear. My dreams are becoming a reality.

My calling in this world is clear




I hope my story makes history.

I hope I make it easier for the next queen to accept her story.

I didn’t fight to be forgotten.

It’s only up from here, I can’t disappear,

Giving up is not an option.

The worst is already conquered

I’m moving forward

At this point there is no stopping..

I’m Alive.


Photographer : Christian Davis ( https://www.instagram.com/sweet_obsession_films/ )

9 thoughts on “I’m ALIVE

  1. Malcom Lighten says:

    Man your story is/will be one to motivate a lot of women. Your a walking talking down to earth blessing. I’m glad I stubble to your page.


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