picture me…free?

just picture me perfect... picture me whole... picture me worth it... replenish my soul... picture me faithful... picture me in love.. picture me not just fucking... picture me enough.....picture me trusting...   just picture me free.... picture me ME... picture me secure.... picture me loving... picture my heart pure... picture me dancing... picture me second chancing... … Continue reading picture me…free?

know your DAMN role

"it's sickening how much satisfaction they get watching you struggle just to have a story to tell…then they harshly judge your mistakes... they conveniently sleep on your successes in life... but then it's like their eyes are open as fuck when you fail..."

‘I walk distracted, tethered to others’

I share this from one of my favorites!! For all those who walk distracted out there… enjoy

Stephen Fuller

I walk distracted, tethered to others
Who tell me where to look, what to bypass.
I have not stopped to see the leaf of grass,
How along its edges the aphid crawls
Opening inside a minuscule hole.
Still looking up at clouds, Gods seduce me
Away from life walking below: loose, free,
Trampled under foot. I walk distracted.

In vain? No, not in vain, these small things live
In spite of Gods’ shapes demanding notice.
The midst of time drifting along aimless
And me not knowing what living I’ll see
At my fingertips when I choose to rest
Long enough to get down on one knee.

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